LOL Feeds

Cat macros for every occasion.

the news is cute now: cnn, bbc

blogs too: boingboing, mefi

you don't have to wait for twitter to go down to see cute kittens. public timeline.
twitter id: and

livejournal is easy too, but less interesting:

if you're on facebook then you can play with my new facebook platform application. provides feeds of all blogs hosted there. and now cats:

there are some crazy cats on craigslist but they're a little nsfw.

oh and now I made it so you can use any old rss or atom feed.

also i made a bookmarklet for lolfeeds. just drag that to your bookmarks toolbar and click it when you're looking at a page with feeds.

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how why what?
i realised that I missed twitter's error pages when it was up so I wrote the script to turn my friends' twitters into cat macros. cute cats were taken from the the cute cat flickr group - all creative commons licensed of course.

TODO: link to original feed in header, deal with non-ascii characters (better font?), pretty front-page, feeds of images, ampersands.

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